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Jackfruit Pipian Verde Tacos

Jackfruit Pipian Verde Tacos

catering options

We offer catering options for different events, weddings, meetings, parties, and private meals.

Drop Off Catering

Drop off catering is great for small or large groups and events that need great food, but don’t need full service. Our meals come ready to eat, and can be picked up or delivered to your door. Delivery is available for orders of $250 or more.

Pick Up

You can pick up your order from our kitchen in the DTLA Arts District. Your food can be heated ready to eat, or chilled with reheat instructions. This is the best option for small orders.

Full Service

Want us to set up and serve guests at your event? Our team can set up a buffet service or plate menu items for each of your guests. We can customize our service to meet your vision.

View catering packages below!

Priority will be given to orders placed 48 hours before event.


catering packages

Take the guesswork out of your event planning by choosing from Todo Verde’s catering packages! Each package was thoughtfully put together based off crowd favorites and best pairings. They are priced per person to ensure you have the right amount of food for your guests. You can always add on full menu items to any package.