RECAP: Navigating Veganism in Communities of Color Panel


We’re still feeling so much inspiration and energy from the panel discussion on May 9th, “Navigating Veganism in Communities of Color”, hosted by Todo Verde as part of the LA Times Food Bowl. Many in the audience expressed feelings of solidarity and mutual understanding of the unique challenges faced by people of color who choose to be vegan. Topics discussed included, how culture shaped our journey to veganism, decolonized/indigenous diets, health aspects of a plant based diet, and how various vegan communities intersect.

We hope this conversation can continue on and expand to include many other diverse voices. If you’re interested in staying up to date with future talks and discussions, sign up for our newsletter below!


memorable moments

If your health professional is not educated on nutrition, how do they educate the patient?
— Sherene Chou MS RD
Because we are women of color we are very strong, because we have to be. That’s the continued conversation as women of color. As black women it’s even that much harder. To be a black woman in America is a hell of an assignment.
— Angela Means
I decided to recreate the food that is culturally relevant to our family with out the animal products. I was able to tap into their ancestral food memories.
— Claudia Serrato
I never wanted to be a leader or an influencer. I just became passionate.
— Gwenna Hunter

thank you to our partners

Thank you Mi Vegan Loca for providing delicious bites through out the event and Topo Chico for providing complimentary mineral water to attendees. Finally, a huge thank you to the Urban Outfitters Space 1520 crew for providing the space for this discussion to take place.



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